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  • Mundimold will inaugurate new instalations in March 2010

Globalisation is something that has been spoken about over the last decade but really it is companies that have been those which have had to confront this idea in new economic scenarios by reinventing old business models and opening markets.

With this world scenario as a background, Mundimold has just inaugurated their USA headquarters in Miami, Florida with the intention of offering better sales and technical coverage to our North American distributors and clients. Also, another headquarters is scheduled to be opened in 2011 in Columbia in order to cover the growing demand in such latin american countries such as Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, among others.

Currently, Mundimold has its central headquarters in Valencia, Spain where our new installations, with more 3000m2, is scheduled to be opened this June. Additionally, along with the recently inaugurated USA headquarters, we have delegations in Italy and different agreements with universities and international organisations such as the University of Milan which is working on various research projects. Mundimold also collaborates with AIMPLAS (Technological Institute of Plastics) in the development of different prototypes.

In this changing global market Mundimold has managed to grow, advance and meet the needs of the market as well as confront the large global changes as true opportunities.

“Mundimold has advanced to meet the needs of the market and confront the large global changes as true opportunities.”

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